Jules’ Diner – Key Lime Pie

I’m a recipe clipper. I carry a small pair of safety scissors…you know, rounded tops…for clipping recipes from unsuspecting magazines. Waiting for an oil change? Clip a recipe. Waiting at the doctor? Clip a recipe. That said, I don’t recall where many of my recipes come from, but I do make changes to all of them. I’m rebellious that way. So here is a dee-lish key lime pie recipe that I pirated and then pumped up a bit. Oh…and this one is so easy.

Key Lime Pie! Can You Say Spring?

4 large egg yolks, room temperature*14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 to 1/2 cup key lime juice (bottled)
2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 stick melted butter
6 tbsp sugar
2 cups whipping cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla

In a medium sauce pan melt one stick of butter. Add graham cracker crumbs and sugar. Mix thoroughly. If too dry, add another tablespoon of melted butter till mixture just holds together. Press into pie pan and up the sides. This makes a thick graham cracker crust, which I love. Bake at 350º just till the crust is set, about 10 minutes. Let cool.

Separate 4 eggs and reserve the yolks. With an electric mixer (I use a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer) beat the egg yolks till they become pale yellow. Add the sweetened condensed milk and blend. Gradually add the lime juice to taste. If you prefer a tart pie use more juice, if sweeter use less. Taste as you go to make sure you have the flavor right. Mix till well blended. Allow filling to set up about 15 minutes before pouring into cooled pie crust.

With electric mixer mix the whipping cream, sugar and vanilla till very stiff peaks form. Don’t overmix or you’ll end up with butter. Top the pie with a generous amount of whipped cream. Chill & serve.

* Tip – I bring eggs to room temperature by placing them in a bowl of barely warm water for 15-20 minutes.

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