Jules Diner – Ranch House Pork Chops

4-6 thick cut pork chops
1 medium yellow onion, sliced
House Seasoning-Equal parts Kosher salt, black pepper & granulated garlic
Olive oil
1 cup white wine
1 can Campbell’s Golden Mushroom soup
3 cups (or one 32oz carton) Chicken stock
2 cups sliced mushrooms of your choice
1 dash cayenne pepper
•  Add 1-2 tbsp olive oil to a heavy dutch oven over medium heat. Season the chops with house seasoning and sear them, approximately 4-5 minutes per side. Remove from pan and set aside.
•  Add a dab more olive oil to the dutch oven along with the onions and season with House Seasoning. Saute’ the onions till caramelized.  
•  Add the sliced mushrooms and saute’ till they begin to brown.  
•  Add the white wine and deglaze the pan.
•  Add the Golden Mushroom soup along with the chicken stock to the pot, stirring well until the sauce is smooth.
•  Add a dash of cayenne pepper and adjust seasoning to your taste.
•  Return the chops to the pan, cover and place in a 350º oven for 2 hours.  Chops should be fall-apart tender.  Serve with mashed potatoes.
•  You may want to thicken the gravy a bit. I place the dutch oven on the stove top over medium heat and reduce for 10-15 minutes.

•  This can also be done in a slow-cooker.

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