SCARIER! The Hyperbole of the Left

When I was a kid our local news covered local politics, crime, weather, sports from professional to high school and any number of human interest stories. The most common crime stories involved burglary or break-ins.

But, in the last few years those terms have been changed. What was once called a break-in is now called a home invasion. I never hear the terms burglary, robbery or break-in anymore and I wonder why the media has changed the language.

As with several other pet issues of the Left, it seems that everything must be hyperbolized in order to make our world seem more frightening. For example, there are certain categories of rifles which are black, have a large magazine-well and handguard. These have been named assault rifles, even though they function no differently than their counterparts which have a wooden stock.

But, fear-inducing terms often aid in leading an uninformed, uneducated public into the feverish drive to doooooo something, which essentially means more regulation and less liberty.

We already have laws against robbery, burglary and break-ins, so let’s create a new category…HOME INVASION! Scary.

We already have laws against assault, kidnapping, rape and murder, so let’s create a new category…HATE CRIMES! Scary.

We already have laws regulating gun purchases, so let’s make more and more categories, feeding on fear, to overturn the Second Amendment bit by bit.

As Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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