Crass Misogyny and the Christian Male

CrassIf I may share a few observations…Having followed several of the more welI-known men in this klatch since 2007, I believe that we’re seeing the American Civic Religion on display in these tweets. By this I mean a blending of American political conservatism with the church.

In too many cases the church has been pickled with the idea of conservative politics. BTWN and Fred Butler’s mockery and scorn is directed toward politically liberal women. They’ve failed to recognize the actual sin issue which is prevalent in both our culture and some of the church today…the very real abuse of women. Instead, they practice mockery, scorn and derision. This seems to indicate, at the very least, an abject insensitivity or the sin of misogyny. It also demonstrates the sin of scoffing, something which is clearly addressed in Psalm 1:1.

As Christians, this should lead us directly back to the Scriptural standard, a bar which is set very high, for men in church leadership.

“…namely, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe, not accused of dissipation or rebellion. For the overseer must be above reproach as God’s steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain, but hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just, devout, self-controlled, holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict.” – Titus 1:6-9

Some of these men have clearly disqualified themselves and we should have nothing to do with them.

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