Don’t Practice It, Proclaim It

God has not commanded us to feel Him. God has not commanded us to experience Him. God has commanded us to know Him. Gnosis. And, He has ordained the means through which we are to know Him. The Word. And, because He has chosen the Word to convey knowledge of Himself it is of paramount importance that we know and understand and maintain the meaning of the words He has chosen.

When we call ourselves a poet and believe that gives us license to manipulate the meaning of Biblically-essential words, such as changing resurrection from a noun to a verb, we are tampering with God’s divinely inspired means of grace and, that is a very serious charge indeed. When we say that we can “practice resurrection” we diminish the singular, divine accomplishment of Christ alone. Christ alone has the ability to “practice resurrection”. It is not a self-help technique. Words have meaning.

He said, “It is finished,” and He rose from the grave. We cannot practice this, but we can proclaim it.