The Bible’s Very Clear On This?

In a tweet dated 17 February, 2020, Amy Spreeman stated:

“Yep, [Patriarchy] is a dreadful movement that distorts the patriarchs we read of in God’s Word, and it distorts biblical complementarianism. I will remain a complementarian who btw has never once spoken favorably about this movement.”

However, her comments from the 23 Oct, 2019, Word Fitly Spoken podcast seem to demonstrate otherwise:

“I mean think about it, how delightful to just walk away from [Biblical womanhood], and claim that this so-called Patriarchy thing needs to go and, “I don’t have to do what God‘s Word says, I’m free.”

In this portion of the discussion from the Word Fitly Spoken podcast, Amy used the terms Complementarian and Patriarchy interchangeably.

Amy then accused Christine Pack of lying and slander, more than an overreaction to a question which would offer clarification on Amy’s confusing position on Patriarchy.