Ann Voskamp and Plagiarism

In Ms. Voskamp’s Instagram post dated 1 November, 2016 she writes,

“…people who love the Cross — are people who will die to things they love. . To carry a cross means you come to an intersection, and you choose Him and never look back. . To become cross-centered, cross-shaped means — Choosing Christ in the midst of everything else — may mean losing everything else. . But gaining everything that lasts forever. . Spiritual formation — is ultimately cruciformation. . And this cultural moment is begging for a new way, a different way, a broken way of living broken and given like bread into a starving world. . Reformation and transformation happens in places where there is cruciformation. . Cruciformation — it’s is a a scientific definition, a term in molecular biology referring to the transformation from lineform DNA to cruciform (cross-shaped) DNA. . And this cultural moment is begging the DNA of all things to transform from a linear worldview, from a flat-line view of the world, to a cross-shaped view of everything. . From flat screens, from flat faith, from flat-line living — to cross-shaped thinking, cross-shaped seeing, cross-shaped choosing, cross-shaped living, to cruciformation. . The way a life transforms is to become cruciform. . #NewBlogPost #LinkInProfile #TheBrokenWay””.

She took the word “cruciformation” and references to DNA from Kevin Sheehan, using his writing almost word-for-word.


In Ms. Voskamp’s Twitter post dated 3 February, 2017 she writes,

“Esther Generation, live upsidedown kingdom and get into formation to transform the nations by our selfgiving cruciformation #IFGathering2017

She took the phrase “upside down kingdom” from Timothy Keller, who coined the term in 1999.

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