Ann Voskamp and Plagiarism – Part V

I want to begin by stating, for the record, that I take no pleasure in writing these posts. This process leaves me discouraged and weary, but biblical integrity demands that this information be made known. Plagiarism is a serious charge.  Exodus 20:15.

On April 4, 2018 author Cynthia Occelli shared this tweet with an image of the cover page of her 2013 ebook entitled Inspired Living/The Inspiration Reboot.  It features a whimsical, black and white drawing of what appears to be the “tree of life”.  The image includes the logo from Ann Voskamp’s website inserted for comparison. It appears to be the same “tree of life” image in reverse.

Mrs. Occelli has confirmed that the image was used in her ebook, with permission, from the company Trading Phrases. See below for images of the ebook cover and copyright page.

The original art is a “giant wall decal” product. The product page can be found here. and is seen below.

Mrs. Voskamp’s “tree of life” image (seen below) is nearly identical, with a few minor alterations, such as the roots being removed.

Did Mrs. Voskamp also obtain permission to use the image from Trading Phrases?


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