David Shannon

“She [Rachael Denhollander] was in an image, basically blurred, it was an out of focus shot that had some artistic design to it to show that there’s something going on here. I knew you would know who that was, okay? I wasn’t surprised by that. It was intentional. That was the whole point, to say exactly what Owen Strachan was saying, over the top of this and with others involved in it.” 

“Principalities and powers okay, they’re not demons (laughter).” 

“There are people and institutions that are being manipulated and used to bring about a certain outcome that is not biblical.”

“Owen Strachan had a part in his interview…he said there are principalities and powers…trying to work themselves out inside of our, and so at that point I had not had clarity to all the influences that were going on. I knew she [Rachael Denhollander] was part of it. I knew that she was engaged with it one way or another. Again, her intentions might have been good, but they’re not helping. She’s manipulating pastors to do something that’s unbiblical. I did that throughout the film, not just with her. With Russell Moore. I did that with James Merritt.”

– David Shannon (@ChocolateKnox) Listen here, beginning at 01:12:00.