The Smearing of Rachael Denhollander – Part II

Ignore the sycophantic spin. There are clear, pointed admissions of intent to smear Rachael Denhollander. Listen for yourself and judge with righteous judgment. John 7:24.

• On the 4 August, 2019 episode of the CrossPolitic podcast, the hosts proudly admit that the association of Rachael Denhollander with Ephesians 6:12 was intentional.

• On 17 December, 2019, David Shannon was a guest on the podcast, Canon Calls, with host Jake McAtee. They discussed the making of The Founders documentary, By What Standard?

“[Rachael Denhollander] was in an image, basically blurred, it was an out of focus shot that had some artistic design to it to show that there’s something going on here. I knew you would know who that was, okay? I wasn’t surprised by that. It was intentional. That was the whole point, to say exactly what Owen Strachan was saying, over the top of this and with others involved in it.” – David Shannon/ChocolateKnox – Canon Calls Podcast, 17 December, 2019.

“We’re always having the powers, the spiritual powers and principalities exert pressure on us. That’s not new.” – Owen Strahan

Mr. Shannon stated that the use of an image of Rachael Denhollander in the first Founder’s Ministry trailer, under an audio by Owen Strachan was not unintentional, as many have argued.

The complete first trailer may be viewed here.